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The Future of Project Management: Insights from PMI Global Summit 2023

Atlanta, in October 2023, played host to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) renowned Global Summit, a grand spectacle that brought together 3500 project management enthusiasts from across the globe. While some were seasoned veterans of this annual gathering, many embraced this event for the very first time. The PMI Global Summit has always been a platform for illuminating both the present and the future of project management. This year, with the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, it once again showcased the industry’s best, fostering dialogue, idea-sharing, and a collective pursuit of enlightenment.

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Project Management in practice

Project Management in Practice är en 3-dagars grundläggande utbildning som riktar sig till individer som strävar efter att fördjupa sina kunskaper inom projektledning. Ta steget och anmäl dig här!