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It is with great pride we would like to spread the word that Arkatay Consulting have had an addition to our collective competence portfolio, in the form of a Sustainability certification

In accordance with the purpose of Arkatay, to secure sustainable success through projects and changes, employee Hjalmar Bardh Olsson has recently completed a certification process to ensure strategic work on the Sustainable Development Goals; “SDG Certified Business”. Hjalmar’s colleague, Stina, sat down with Hjalmar to talk about the certification, why it is so important, and how the process went about.

-How did you find out about the certification SDG Certified Business? 

I originally came in contact with Eva, at Vati of Sweden, through UN Global Compact in Sweden. We kept in touch in order to find ways to create a sustainable impact together. So, when Vati of Sweden offered a first round of training and certification of new change leaders, I immediately reserved a spot.

– What caught your interest? Why is a certification relevant to you, and to Arkatay?

I realized right away that this was something completely unique, and incredibly relevant to complement other good practice and models for working with sustainable development – with and through UN’s sustainable development goals. A lot of organizations, both public and private, are familiar with Agenda 2030 and are working with sustainability with the SDGs as a framework. The certification is relevant since it is unique and is a receipt for a competence that very few people hold – that is, a concrete, easy-to-use, systematic ways of working, in order to integrate sustainability in strategic work and communicate it internally and externally.

– What does the certification amount to, what are the characteristics of a sustainable company?

The certification means that Arkatay Consulting can offer a complement to its services Sustainable Project Management and Sustainable Procurement – where companies or public organizations are led through a process, from setting relevant goals and develop strategy, to actually working towards these sustainable goals, as well as given support in governing and implementing the strategic sustainability work. So, organizations and companies that become certified, through us and Vati of Sweden are organizations who want and can transcend from ambition to results regarding sustainability. What characterizes such organizations is not only a will to contribute to sustainable development, they will also have gained insight into the business case, investor & financers interest, attractiveness, and force that lies in a structured way of working with sustainability, using Agenda 2030 and the SDGs as a framework.

– How did the certification processes go about in practice?

The certification process was based on an online series of courses, coupled by physical workshops and the individual development of a pilot project. The training course itself persisted of 7 modules containing 36 lectures in total, which I as a candidate was obliged to absorb at my own pace. Including source material, the pilot project, and the final examination, the entire process took me about 8 months from start to finish. A comprehensive but extremely awarding course – it was worth every second.

Thank you Hjalmar, and congratulations!

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