Managing projects

At Arkatay we view project management as a unique competence and a profession in its own right that requires both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. A good project manager needs to be a good leader, coach and mentor as well as having both in-depth and wide-ranging competences within processes, methodologies, tools etc.


Our project managers are committed, highly-motivated and strong people who are used to managing projects with different levels of technical and organisational complexity. We love working with people and improving processes. We are responsibility-takers and we constantly strive to acquire new knowledge and to develop as leaders . In addition to their fierce passion for project management, our consultants possess highly-developed communication skills.


As evidence of our focus on quality, at Arkatay it is our goal that all our senior consultants should be certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP)® by the Project Management Institute, and that our junior project managers should be Certified Associates in Project Management (CAPM)®.


To remain at the forefront of development, we continually work with competence development for all our consultants, which means that you as our client can feel safe in the knowledge that when you engage the services of Arkatay, you will always be provided with the most up-to-date, competent and experienced individuals in your team.


“Arkatay’s consultant has carried out his assignment in an exemplary fashion; he has acted extremely professionally in his role and has inspired our utmost confidence in him. Wide-ranging competences and a fierce passion for project management contribute a great deal to the entire business. As a person, Arkatay’s consultant is extremely social and responsive to others, which makes it possible to fit into all organisations in a good way. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Arkatay to others.”

Andreas Lidesjö
Scalado AB

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