About Arkatay


Arkatay is a total solution provider within project management – we help you manage your most challenging projects, improve your competence by way of courses, seminars and coaching, and develop, challenge and support your organisation in terms of how best to succeed with your projects.


We combine theoretical expertise with practical experience to help you in the best possible way. Our activities span the purely operational to the strategic, the individual to the organisation, and project to programme and portfolio level.


We gather together project managers and educators who love projects and who have both theoretical expertise within project management and long-standing practical experience behind their titles. People who strive to be the best at what they do but who are also humble enough to realise that this requires the continual development of themselves as people, their skills and knowledge of work methods. Just like you, we have the highest level of ambition, and we want to see you succeed with your projects – every time.


Our development occurs in collaboration with our clients, and we are proud of the fact over the years we have succeeded in building up a base of satisfied clients within a variety of industries such as telecoms, manufacturing industries, aviation, the pharmaceuticals industry, academia and the public sector.



We view project management as a unique and cross-industry profession, and we work continuously to ensure that Sweden is a country in which the ability to work with and succeed in projects is continually improved.


Project management is our core business. In fact, to be honest, it is all we do. We invest all our time into working with, thinking about, discussing, streamlining and improving how people work with projects. That is what we do best, and we do it to help our clients succeed with their projects – so that you can also be the best at what you do.


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